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COVID-19 & IT Help Center

In accordance with COVID-19 protocols in place at DU, the IT Help Center is dedicated to helping prevent the spread of coronavirus by adhering to and implementing new support restrictions.

In-person support at the IT Help Center is currently unavailable. If you are not able to collect your computer via curbside pickup, your laptop can be shipped directly to your physical address.

If we have to ship a laptop loaner to you, please keep the box that your computer was shipped in. We have included a pre-paid return shipping label inside of this box, so when it is time to return the computer, you can re-pack the computer in the same box that it arrived in and take the package and pre-paid return shipping label to a FedEx Office Shipping Center near your current location for shipment. Please also be sure to ask for a receipt when you drop this package off and keep this as proof of return shipping.

Note: If there are any issues with the return shipping label when you are at FedEx, please contact the IT Help Center as soon as possible.


To see if you qualify for a laptop loaner, please view the IT Help Center's Laptop Loaner Requirements.